Best Corporate Learning Management Systems (LMS) – 2024 Update

Blog Insight: LMS Software that can handle your Complicated work and have the flexibility for your size enterprise and that can create or develop your corporate training course which can Attract and engage with your employees and track their growth. Here are some cloud-based LMS software that can deliver all that to one doorstep.

What is Cloud-based LMS?

Cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) refers to an online platform used for delivering, managing, and tracking educational content and training programs. Unlike traditional systems that rely on local servers, a cloud-based LMS operates entirely online, accessible through web browsers.

How it works:

A cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) stores all your lessons and materials on the internet. When you want to learn or teach, you just log in using a web browser like Chrome or Safari. Then, you can access your lessons, quizzes, and other learning stuff from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

Here are a few Top-rated Cloud-based LMS software.


Year of Foundation: 2012                 

CEO and Co-Founder: Brendan Noud and Des V. Anderson

LearnUpon is the Most recommended Cloud-based Learning Management Software which is getting used by 11M+ users and a few of the biggest tech companies in the world and has been generating over 120k courses every day on the platform and it’s been a leading LMS software in the Industry.

Phone Number: (888) 908-3960

Email ID: 


Address: Dublin, Ireland

Features: Course creation, Training delivery, User management, Learner engagement, COLUMN TITLE, Portals, Reporting, Integrations, Webinars

Pricing: Get LearnUpon plans

Industry: E-Learning

Company size: 450+ employees

LinkedIn: LearnUpon | LinkedIn

360 Learning

Year of Foundation: 2012 

CEO and Co-Founder: Guillaume Alary

360 Learning Offers a Collaborative Learning solution that helps in easily creating, delivering, and improving courses together and has worked with many international companies like LVMH, Toyota, and Aircall it also provides an up-gradation of outdated and ensures the course has touched the maximum level of Attractiveness and Engagement. 

Email ID:


Address: New York, New York, United States

Features: Mobile Advanced, Coaching, Live Training, Globalization

Pricing: Get your 360learning pricing

Industry: Software Development

Company size: 400+ employees

LinkedIn: 360Learning | LinkedIn

Talent LMS

Date of Foundation: Jan 1, 2012              

CEO and Co-Founder: Thanos Papangelis

TalentLMS is an LMS Software built by Epignosis which is a Training solution for SMBs and has an Aim to democratizeTraining Industry for that they have built some other LMS software like eFront Learning which is helpful for large Enterprises that want more Flexibility in the software and another one is Talent Cards which is a Mobile Learning Platform.

Phone Number: 1 512-333-2076

Email ID:


Address: San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US

Features: Content-friendly, SCORM, cmi5 & xAPI, Assessments engine, Surveys engine, Learning paths, Files repository

Pricing: Get your forever-free plan

Industry: E-Learning

LinkedIn: TalentLMS | LinkedIn


Year of Foundation: Jan 2016                      

CEO and Co-Founder: Jude Novak and Ryan Macpherson

Coassemble has been engaging employees by delivering high-quality Digital learning Experiences to their users and the cloud-based Learning Management Software has been creating 2000+ courses every month, the features of the software help users to create engaging courses in just a few minutes.

Email ID:


Address: Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia 

Features: Reporting and analytics, Integrations, Certificates of Completion, Advanced Branding and Workspace Customization.

Industry: E-Learning

Company size: 50+ employees

LinkedIn: Coassemble | LinkedIn


Year of Foundation: 2005         

CEO and Co-Founder: Claudio Erba

Docebo provides E-Learning as a Service and lets you deliver, track and certify online training and has over  300,000 current users in the world, and has a Team of professionals who are passionate about technology and training, and on January 24, 2022, Docebo has announced the acquiring of the company Skillslive which is an educational consulting agency.

Phone Number: 800.681.4601

Email ID: 


Address: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Features: Accessibility, E-commerce LMS, Extended Enterprise, LMS Integrations, Mobile Learning, Social Learning, Scorm, AICC, xAPI

Pricing: Get Priced on value

Industry: Software Development

Company size: 1,000+ employees

LinkedIn: Docebo | LinkedIn

iSpring Learn

Year of Foundation: 2001                           

CEO and Co-Founder: Yury Uskov

iSpring Learn is a Learning Management Software created by iSpring, the LMS software has top-rated reviews and it’s an easy-to-use software that has features of autopilot mood that can be created in just a few clicks. 

Phone Number: +1 800 640 0868

Email ID:  


Address: Alexandria, Virginia, United States 

Features: Content Management, User Management, Training Management, Reporting, LMS Customization, Learner Portal, Integration, Custom Options

Pricing: Incredible value at a reasonable price

Industry: E-Learning

Company size: 400+ employees

LinkedIn: iSpring Solutions | LinkedIn

Adobe Captivate 

Year of Foundation: 1982       

CEO and Co-FounderShantanu Narayen

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS is one of the Biggest LMS software in the industry and it has millions of users around the world because of its features that have been helping enterprises create Microlearning Content, Adobe is an Award-winning company and has been giving service in Tones of different Industries.

Phone Number: 408-536-6000

About us: 


Address: San Jose, California

Features: Enterprise Software, Image Recognition, Photo Editing, SaaS

Pricing: Get customized pricing

Industry: Software Development

Company size: 10,000+ employees

LinkedIn: Adobe | LinkedIn

SAP Litmos

Year of Foundation: 2006                 

CEO and Co-Founder: Nicole Fougere

SAP Litmos Learning Management Software has completed over 1 Billion courses, the company has reached 150+ countries across the globe and has earned multiple awards because of its features and the LMS is getting used by International Companies like YouTube and Mercedes-Benz. 

Phone Number: +1 925 251 2220

Email ID: 


Address: San Ramon, CA 94583, USA

Features: Quick deployment and integration, Robust reporting, Serious security, Universal accessibility, Off-the-shelf content, Built-in content authoring

Pricing: Get pricing that scales with your business

Industry: Software Development

Company size: 400+ employees

LinkedIn: Litmos | LinkedIn

Absorb LMS

Year of Foundation: 2003                   

CEO and Co-Founder: Mike Owens

Absorblms has been a Trusted Learning Management System by businesses, governments, healthcare providers, and educators because it served 26 million users around the world Absorblms has been an awarding-winning company because of its work resulting in international clients like SONY, and many more successful projects.

Phone Number: +1(403)717-1971

Email ID: 


Address: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

FeaturesSmart Administration, Learner Engagement, eCommerce, Reporting and analytics, Learner Experience, Observation Checklists

Industry: E-learning

Pricing: Get Pricing for Absorb

Company size: 400+ employees

LinkedIn: Absorb | LinkedIn

eFront Learning 

Year of Foundation: 2012                   

CEO and Co-Founder: Thanos Papangelis

eFront LMS Software was created by the company Epignosis and it partnered LMS software with TalentLMS, the software has been a big success for the company and is an award-winning LMS for its great cloud-based features which have Limitless functionality.

Phone Number: +16467972799

Email ID: 


Address: San Francisco, California, United States 

Features: Content Friendly, Assessments Engine, Surveys engine, Assignments, HTML5, Re-usable content, Courses marketplace, Files repository, Certifications, Course rules

Pricing: Get Pricing Plans

Industry: Software Development

LinkedIn: Front | LinkedIn

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