Top AR and VR Development Companies (2024 Update)

Blog Insight: We’ve gathered top-notch companies specializing in AR/VR development for your domain. Crafting realistic AR/VR experiences is crucial, and these companies excel in creating the best virtual experiences for your company. Here is a list of companies that will help you create the best Virtual Experience for your company.

What is AR/VR Development?

Augmented reality (AR) means making a live view of things by using Digital elements, and AR tools help us to generate a reality-based image on a computer, whereas Virtual reality (VR) means creating a virtual experience for the users by making a 3D and holographic image on the Digital screen.

The work of AR/VR Developers is to create a realistic view and make a layer of Digital experience on the screen of the users by using Technologies and digital elements and the best example of AR/VR is the game PokemonGo.

Here are a few top-rated AR/VR Development Companies Globally.


Year of Foundation: 2009

Director of Operations: Ash Gobindram

CXR is a NewYork-based AR and VR Company, that discovers, designs, and develops Digital strategies, with its medium-sized team of experts, they have the aim of giving a better experience to the brands by providing them the cutting-edge experiences from concept to deployment.

The Expert Team also specializes in Corporate Training and Mobile/App Marketing.

Phone Number: (917) 671-0551

Email ID:


Address: Brooklyn, New York

Services: Immersive Training, XR Marketing, 3D Modeling, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Retail Store Virtualization, WebAR, Native AR

Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting

Company size: 150+employees

LinkedIn: CXR.Agency | LinkedIn

Groove Jones

Year of Foundation: 2015

CEO and CO-Founder: Dan Ferguson

Groove Jones is a Texas-based company in the US, they are one of the First names in AR/VR Development Companies, they are well known for their Creativity and Interactive Work and have given Tough Competition to the Brands, Groove Jones Team are also Experts of Mobile, App, and Custom Software Development.

Phone Number: 214.749.0094 x631

Email ID:


Address: Dallas TX

Services: Blender Animation Internship, UI / UX Designer Internship, 3D Modeler Internship, Back End Developer, WebXR Developer, WebXR Developer Internship

Industry: Technology, Information and Media

Company size: 150+employees

LinkedIn: Groove Jones | LinkedIn


Year of Foundation: 2014

CEO and CO-Founder: Jolanta Kubatek

4Experience is a Poland-based AR/VR and Software Development Company, the 4 in the Name of the company Stands for SYNERGY, QUALITY, IMPRESSION, and EXPERIENCE in their work, the company has 35 members experts in AR/VR development and has worked with many international clients like Lenovo, Ford, and Walmart.

Phone Number: +48 533 119 345

Email ID:


Address: Bielsko-Biała, Poland

Services: VR Development, VR Training Offer, AR Development

Industry: Software Development

Company size: 150+employees

LinkedIn: 4Experience | LinkedIn


Year of Foundation: 2005

CEO and Co-Founder: Nik Froehlich

Saritasa is a California-based company, that provides Digital Solutions for AR/VR software, Mobile apps, Custom software, and Web Development solutions to Clients, they have completed over 15 years in the business and have pulled multiple successful projects, they have a team of passionate people who are Expert and specialize in their work.

Saritasa has Additional offices in New York, Austin, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Phone Number: 888.275.4854

Email ID:


Address: Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Services: Mobile Development, Web Development, AR/VR Development, Database Development, IoT Solutions, DevOps, Custom Development, Project Takeovers

Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting

Company size: 150+employees

LinkedIn: Saritasa | LinkedIn


Year of Foundation: 2010

CEO and Co-Founder: John Hanke

NIANTIC US-based AR/VR Development company that was formed in 2010, has a team of Expert and Creative members who have worked on and developed incredible projects like PokemonGo and have collaborated with WarnerBro to deliver Harry Potter: Wizards Unite these are the few Games that they have Developed.

And NIANTIC has worked with Google to Develop GoogleMaps in the year 2005-2009.

Phone Number: 877-342-7222

Email ID:


Address: San Francisco, California, United States

Services: Augmented Reality, Software, Video Games, Virtual Reality

Industry: Software Development

Company size: 9,000+employees

LinkedIn: Niantic | LinkedIn


Year of Foundation: 1999

CEO and CO-Founder: Deepali Deshpande

Iflexion is a US-based company of IT Solutions like Web development, web design, Moblie App, and more IT-related Software solutions, the Company has a Team of 850+ Professionals from senior members to Junior Members Experts, and the Team has given their best to Develop 500+ StartUp and helped them grow, they have been covered 30+ countries with there Clients and have worked Globally.

Phone Number: (512)501-3621

Email ID:


Address: Austin, Texas, United States

Services: Android, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, Internet, Mobile, Mobile Apps, Web Design, Web Development

Industry: Software Development

Company size: 400+employees

LinkedIn: Iflexion | LinkedIn

Lucid Reality Labs

Year of Foundation: 2016

CEO and Co-Founder: Alex Dzyuba

Lucid Reality Lab is a Florida-based AR/VR development Company, it has a Team of Less than 50 members and Aims to improve the Life Quality of People by Contributing to Technologies, they have been doing Advertising and Marketing for Industries like health care, medical, and Educational Industries.

The company has been successful in the AR/VR Industry in a very short period.

Phone Number: 380 68 286 0779

Email ID:


Address: Miami, Florida, United States

Services: AR & VR Simulations, AR & VR Training & Education, Web AR, E-Commerce AR & VR, Social Media AR, AI-Powered Robotics

Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting

Company size: 50+employees

LinkedIn: Lucid Reality Labs | LinkedIn

iTech Art

Year of Foundation: 2002

CEO and Co-Founder: Sergei Kovalenko

iTech Art is a New York-based IT services company, the company of 3500+ engineers is enhanced in Custom AR development, Advanced VR software, 360-degree video, and Mixed reality experiences and have helped many businesses start to grow faster, the company and the team have delivered many successful projects and been Known for the work in the industry.

Phone Number: (718)374-5043

Email ID:


Address: New York, New York, United States

Services: Mobile Apps, Quality Assurance, Software, Software Engineering, Web Development

Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting

Company size: 5,000+employees

LinkedIn: Vention | LinkedIn


Year of Foundation: 2007

CEO and Co-Founder: Ammad Khan

Citrusbits is a California-based company, the 60 members of the team are passionate about developing and delivering new Mobile technologies and Digital strategies to the World and have been successful in their work, the company helps startups to build affordable and reliable technology solutions.

Phone Number: 925.452.6012

Email ID:


Address: Los Angeles, California, United States

Services: UI/UX Design, Digital Strategy, Corporate Websites, AR Development, Mobile App Development

Industry: Software Development

Company size: 150+employees

LinkedIn: CitrusBits | LinkedIn


Year of Foundation: 2016

CEO and Co-Founder: Horacio Torrendell

TreeView is a Uruguay-based company of AR/VR technology Development, it has a team of about 14 Members but has achieved a very successful name in the industry, in a very short time has 30 global clients, and has been developing and delivering great results to their clients.

Phone Number: 088 130 629 8615

Email ID:


Address: Montevideo Uruguay

Services: AR/VR Development, 3D Design, UI/UX Development, Full Stack Development, AR/VR Technology Consulting

Industry: Software Development

Company size: 50+employees

LinkedIn: Treeview | LinkedIn

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