Microlearning Mastery: Top Providers for Quick and Impactful Knowledge (2024 Update)

Blog Insight: If you are seeking a Micro eLearning Content Development Company for tailored courses meeting your team’s training needs, Explore these top-rated Microlearning Content Companies.

What is Microlearning?

Micro eLearning is meant to provide Digital Learning Content and it has strategies that can explain the topic in a short period by cutting them into small pieces of videos that will engage with the learner and help them get trained faster it could be watched anytime and from anywhere the users want.

The Power of Microlearning: Elevate Your Training Efforts

Microlearning stands out as a true game-changer, bringing with it a host of advantages that revolutionize the approach organizations take to train their teams. Here’s why microlearning is making waves in the training landscape:

  1. Efficiency in Learning
  2. Flexible Learning Paths
  3. Boosted Engagement
  4. Just-in-Time Learning
  5. Improved Retention
  6. Agile Learning Culture

Here are the Top-Rated Microlearning Content Providers:


Year of Foundation: 1981

CEO and Co-Funder: Ron Zamir

AllenComm is one of the most trusted vendors in the corporate training industry, because of its Custom eLearning Solution services throughout the 40+ years of the company in the industry and has engaged with 2 million learners and has completed over 1300 projects. 

AllenComm has become an award-winning company on its health bonds with many international clients and has served in many industries.

Phone Number: (801) 537-7800

Email ID: info@allencomm.com

Website: https://www.allencomm.com/

Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Services: Consulting, E-Learning, Education, Training

Industry: E-Learning

Company size: 150+employees

LinkedIn: AllenComm | LinkedIn

CommLab India

Year of Foundation: 2000

CEO and Co-Funder: R K Prasad

CommLab India is an India-based Leading Company in providing Rapid eLearning Solutions, the company ensures that they can provide Rapid Solutions for all your Training needs, Commlab is one of the biggest companies in the eLearning industry, and has been working with clients globally.

Phone Number: +91 40 2780 3080

Email ID: info@commlabindia.com

Website: https://www.commlabindia.com/

Headquarters: Secunderabad, Telangana, India

Services: Custom eLearning courseware development, Translation and localization, Mobile learning solutions, Customization of Moodle LMS

Industry: E-Learning

Company size: 150+employees

LinkedIn: Commlab | LinkedIn

EI Design

Date of Foundation: Jan 1, 2002

CEO and Co-Funder: Asha Pandey and Subramani K

EI Design is having a high reputation in the eLearning Industry for its Rapid and Custom eLearning Solutions for Clients, and the company is a global awarding-winning company for its expertise in the corporate Training Industry and has been providing its service to over 24+ countries.

Phone Number: 098450 61484

Email ID: apandey@eidesign.net

Website: https://www.eidesign.net/ 

Headquarters: No. 953, 12th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indira Nagar, Bangalore 560008

Services: Mobile Learning, Microlearning, Virtual and Blended Training, Mobile Apps, Personalized Learning, Localization.

Industry: E-Learning

Company size: 5000+employees

LinkedIn: EI | LinkedIn

Sweet rush

Year of Foundation: 2001

CEO and Co-Funder: Andrei Hedstrom and Arturo Schwartzberg

SweetRuch is a Leading company in providing Rapid eLearning Solutions and is well-known for its expertise in providing Rapid Learning Solutions, the company has multiple services for Training needs and has a long-time experience in creating eLearning content that is effective and engaging and has worked with many international clients.

Phone Number: 415.520.0890

Email ID: info@sweetrush.com

Website: sweetrush.com

Headquarters: San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US

Services: Custom learning, Culture and leader Transformation, Staff Augmentation, VR and emerging Technologies, Supporting nonprofits

Industry: E-Learning

Company size: 150+employees

LinkedIn: SweetRush | LinkedIn


Year of Foundation: 2009 

CEO and Co-Funder: Mario Buljan   

Ewyse is a European Leading eLearning Content Development Company and has been providing Rapid eLearning Solutions for a long time the company has a good score for Creating eLearning Solutions and making its way up to the leaders and providing an all-in-one service for all the eLearning Needs.

Phone Number: +385 1 2308 061

Email ID: hello@ewyse.agency

Website: https://ewyse.agency/

Headquarters: Savska Cesta 32, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia 

Services: Microlearning, Mobile learning, Explainer videos, 360 experience, Blended learning, LMS.

Industry: E-Learning

Company size: 45+employees

LinkedIn: eWyse | LinkedIn

Learning Pool 

Year of Foundation: 2006                  

CEO and Co-Funder: Ben Betts

Learning Pool is a Rapid eLearning Solutions Provider, having a large scale of business and investment around the UK and USA and 9 offices in which there is a Team of 350+ members and has worked with over 1400+ clients and trained over 5.1 million learners worldwide in 30 countries. 

Phone Number:  +44 207 101 9383

Email ID: hello@learningpool.com

Website: https://learningpool.com/

Headquarters: Londonderry, United Kingdom

Services: Learning Experience, Reporting and analytics, Data Management, Authoring, Learning Management, Content Library, Custom Content, Automation

Industry: E-Learning

Company size: 450+employees

LinkedIn: Learning Pool | LinkedIn

Harbinger Interactive Learning

Date of Foundation: 23 June 2009                   

CEO and Co-Funder: Vikas Joshi

Harbinger Interactive Learning is a Trusted Partner for Building an Impactful Mobile Learning company which is based in India, the company has delivered innovative learning solutions for the last 30 years of the company and specialises in eLearning modernization and custom eLearning solution.

Phone Number: +91-20-2528-4201

Email ID: tejashri@harbingergroup.com

Website: https://harbingerlearning.com/

Headquarters: Pune, India

Services: eLearning Modernization, Custom eLearning Development, eLearning Accessibility, AR VR, Virtual Instructor-Led Training, Learning Experience Design, Learning Technology Development

Industry: E-Learning

Company size: 1000+employees

LinkedIn: Harbinger | LinkedIn


Year of Foundation: 2005                              

CEO and Co-Funder: Adam Markakis 

Kineo has been serving the eLearning industry since 2005 and has multiple services including Mobile Learning It aims to increase the performance of businesses by creating a better Learning Experience for the workforce and delivering successful results to their clients.

Phone Number: +44 1273 764070

Email ID: info@kineo.com

Website: https://kineo.com/

Headquarters: Church St, Brighton, Brighton and Hove, BN1 1SS, United Kingdom

Services: Learning Content, Learning Platforms, Learning Management System (LMS), L&D strategy

Industry: E-Learning

Company size: 450+employees

LinkedIn: Kineo | LinkedIn


Date of Foundation: 17 December 2015                

CEO and Co-Funder: Suresh Kumar

Tesseract Learning is a digital Learning provider and an award-winning company in the E-Learning Industry that provides Custom eLearning Solutions by closely understanding the Learning requirements of the clients and having a backup team in the USA and Europe that gives complete guidance to the company in providing cost-effective Digital Learning Solutions.

Phone Number:  +91-984-581-1511

Email ID: suresh@tesseractlearning.com

Website: https://tesseractlearning.com/ 

Headquarters: Bangalore, India

Services: Custom eLearning, Microlearning, Mobile Learning, ILT & VILT, Localization, Flash to HTML5, Compliance Training

Industry: E-Learning

Company size: 150+employees

LinkedIn: Tesseract Learning | LinkedIn

ELB Learning

Year of Foundation: 2009

CEO and Co-Funder: Andrew Scivally and Shawn Ski Scivally

ELB Brothers previously also known as eLearning Brothers has been a successful company in the corporate training industry in a very short period because of its greater service to the clients, the ELB Brothers was founded based on the skills of both the brothers in 2009 and throughout the years they have been developing and combining with other companies in the field and becoming a strong competitor for other corporate training companies.

Phone Number: 801.796.2767

Email ID: social@elearningbrothers.com

Website: https://www.elblearning.com/

Headquarters: Utah, United States

Services: Custom Learning, Learning Strategy, Staff Argumentation

Industry: E-Learning

Company size: 950+employees

LinkedIn: ELB Learning | LinkedIn

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