Best Providers for Converting PPT to Online Courses

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What is PPT to eLearning Conversion?

PPT to eLearning conversion is the process of converting PowerPoint presentations into interactive online courses. Elevate your content, enhance engagement, and make learning an immersive journey.

Things To Consider While Selecting an eLearning Company:

  • Specializations: Explore companies with expertise matching your needs.
  • Industry Achievements: Investigate success stories in specific industries.
  • Social Proof: Read reviews and check user ratings for authentic feedback.
  • Online Training Solutions: Assess the capabilities of bespoke eLearning companies.
  • Comparison: Compare eLearning content providers to find tailored training solutions.
  • Your Perfect Match: Identify the eLearning agency that aligns with your unique business needs.

Here are a few top-rated Companies providing PPT to online courses:

CommLab India

Year of Foundation: 2000

CEO and Co-Founder: Ayesha Habeeb Omer

Company Overview: CommLab India pioneers rapid eLearning solutions for global corporate training. They began in 2000, topping the industry, boasting a diverse team of 150+ pros with 22+ years of expertise. Serving 300+ clients across 30+ countries, they’ve delivered 110,000+ learning hours.

They cover the entire online training spectrum, from converting classroom content to eLearning, designing microlearning, and creating video-based learning. Their services include legacy course conversions, translation into 35+ languages, staff augmentation, and LMS installation/admin support.

Experts in corporate training, instructional design, and authoring tools, CommLab India provides swift, scalable, and value-driven eLearning solutions.

Phone Number: 040 2780 3080

Email ID:


Headquarters: Secunderabad, Telangana

Services: Corporate Training, Custom Courseware Development, eLearning, Blended Learning, Digital Learning, Authoring Tools Expert, Rapid eLearning Development, Translations, Staff Augmentation, Instructional Design, and Learning Management System (LMS)

Industry: E-Learning

Company size: 150+employees

LinkedIn: Commlab | LinkedIn

Kyteway eLearning

Date of Foundation: 2016

CEO and Co-Founder: Syed Ahmed Hasan

Company Overview: Kyteway, a team of passionate eLearning professionals, excels in instructional design and development, committed to supporting diverse learning solutions. Serving as an extended team, their varied skill sets ensure the success of training goals. With extensive eLearning industry experience, Kyteway is dedicated to delivering high-quality training solutions tailored to different complexities.

Specializing in bespoke eLearning solutions, learning strategies, translation, localization, course redesigning, instructional design, and content development, Kyteway crafts engaging learning experiences. As a leading eLearning development vendor, they provide custom solutions that enhance workforce skills, behaviours, and performance, yielding real-time results.

Phone Number: +918367541407

Email ID:


Headquarters: Hyderabad, Telangana & USA

Services: Content Writing, eLearning Services, Custom eLearning, eLearning Content Development, Blended Learning, Rapid eLearning, Corporate Training, Training Strategies, Instructional Design, Bespoken Learning, curriculum design & content development, elearning solutions, training outsourcing, corporate learning, accelerated learning, innovation training, telehealth training, wcag, Digital Accessibility, Accessible eLearning ,Section 508

Industry: E-Learning

Company size: 50+ employees

LinkedIn: Kyteway eLearning | LinkedIn


Date of Foundation: 2011

CEO and Co-Founder: Harendra Singh Tomar

Company Overview: Acadecraft, a rapidly growing outsourcing company, offers high-quality online content solutions with over 750 employees and ISO certification. Specializing in EdTech, Schools, Colleges, and Publishing, they provide services like Content Development, Accessibility, Copyediting, Proofreading, Animation, E-Learning Solutions, and more.

As a one-stop solution for digital content, Acadecraft collaborates globally, boasting a team of experts who introduce innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies.

Phone Number: (+91)7000530247

Email ID:


Headquarters: Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Services: Content Development, Assessment Development, Ebook Conversion, Typesetting, Item Writing Services, Data conversion, Graphics design, Content writing, epub conversion, Accessibility writing, Alt Text Writing service, Test prep content development, Project management, Translational services, Custom content development, Edtech, Education, E-learning, elearning solutions, and elearning services

Industry: Education

Company size: 450+ employees

LinkedIn: Acadecraft Inc | LinkedIn


Date of Foundation: 2001

CEO and Co-Founder: Andrei Hedstrom

Company Overview: SweetRush passionately impacts lives through expertise and tools, fostering growth and change for organizations. With a focus on team culture and mastery of performance improvement, their 18-year success is marked by near-zero turnover, loyal clients, Gold awards, and high industry rankings. Every solution, infused with creativity, tackles challenges with instructional, artistic, technical, and cultural creativity.

Their Talent Solutions team uniquely addresses staffing needs, applying a creative lens to project management and relationships. With over 175 people since 2001, SweetRush delivers comprehensive solutions, from analysis and curriculum mapping to blended training products, live and virtual classrooms, custom eLearning, and innovative use of emerging technologies. Grateful for world-class clients’ trust, they continue to make a positive impact daily.

Phone Number: 415 647 1956

Email ID:


Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Services: Performance Improvement, Instructor-led training, Sustainability & CSR, Virtual Classroom, Gamification, Simulation, mLearning, Temporary learning and development staffing, Change Management, Diversity and Inclusion, Blended training solutions, Marketing communication, elearning, blended learning, serious games, mobile learning, performance support, staff augmentation, cultural transformation, branding and marketing of learning programs, virtual reality, augmented reality, immersive learning, and WebXR

Industry: Human Resources Services

Company size: 150+ employees

LinkedIn: SweetRush Inc | LinkedIn



Date of Foundation: 1981

CEO and Co-Founder: Ron Zamir

Company Overview: AllenComm, in collaboration with HR and L&D teams, innovatively designs human-centered training activities to address crucial business priorities. Their extensive instructional design expertise, agency-level creative teams, and cutting-edge learning technologies distinguish them in the field.

Recognized as one of the top 10 firms nationwide, AllenComm consistently earns over 50 awards annually for custom learning programs spanning employee onboarding, reskilling, leadership development, brand, compliance, and sales enablement.

Phone Number: (801) 537-7800

Email ID:


Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah

Services: Training & Development, Custom Courseware Development, Performance Consulting, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Instructional Design, elearning, Digital learning, Learning Technology, and Technology

Industry: E-Learning

Company size: 150+ employees

LinkedIn: AllenComm | LinkedIn


Date of Foundation: 2002

CEO and Co-Founder: Rahul Arora

Company Overview: EI, an emotionally intelligent learning experience design company, brings three decades of expertise to Digital Transformation journeys. Their high-impact solutions drive meaningful learner engagement, effective upskilling, and improved employee performance, ensuring a strong ROI.

Employing a “triad of value” approach, they use engaging interactivities to capture attention, build habits, and enhance learning retention. Clients see EI as a strategic partner, valuing their processes, agile model, trustworthiness, and innovative solutions.

Phone Number: (080) 25202677 46246464

Email ID:


Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka

Services: Flash to HTML5 migration, Content Development, Rapid eLearning Development, Localisation, ILT / VILT development, Performance Support Tools, Gamification, Blended Learning, Compliance Training, Microlearning, Mobile Learning, Apps for learning, AR/VR, and Video-based learning

Industry: E-Learning

Company size: 4,500+ employees

LinkedIn: EI | LInkedIn


Date of Foundation: 2009

CEO and Co-Founder: Andrew Scivally 

Company Overview: ELB Learning is the go-to destination for enhancing learning experiences. They provide a comprehensive range of products and services, including tools for creating learning games, virtual reality training, eLearning courses, and video-based practice. Their offerings extend to learning strategy services, custom learning development, and staff augmentation.

With a focus on speed and engagement, they offer products like the Lectora authoring tool and CenarioVR virtual reality course builder. The AssetLibrary provides a rich selection of elements for building captivating content. ELB Learning excels in crafting visually explosive and immersive eLearning experiences, helping companies save time and resources.

Phone Number: 801-796-2767.


Headquarters: American Fork, UT

Services: eLearning Templates, eLearning Stock Assets, Instructional Design, Custom Online Training, Custom eLearning Development, eLearning Game Templates, eLearning Authoring Tools, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Lectora, eLearning Design, and eLearning Development

Industry: E-Learning

Company size: 500+ employees

LinkedIn: ELB | LinkedIn


Date of Foundation: 2000

CEO and Co-Founder: Anil Shah

Company Overview: Formerly G cube MRC, now Ozemio, the company thrives on recognizing the profound truth that transformation transcends silos. Their expertise lies in holistic yet precisely targeted talent transformation solutions, providing bespoke plans tailored to unique business requirements.

Following the strategic acquisition by Mrcc Group in 2022, Ozemio has evolved into a powerhouse of exponential growth and transformation. Through meticulously crafted pedagogy, they not only impact individuals but also elevate overall performance.

The essence of Ozemio’s approach lies in simplicity, acknowledging the elemental nature of sustainable change. Their approach sets the stage for unparalleled exponential growth and transformation, marking them as a standout in the industry.

Phone Number: +91-120-695-5000

Email ID:


Headquarters: Billerica, Massachusetts

Services: Custom e-Learning, Localization Services, ILT Development, Virtual ILT, Rapid Authoring, Simulations, Game Based Learning, Mobile Learning, Learning Management System, Virtual Classroom, Assessment Engine, Social Learning Platform, Competency Management, ILT Management, LMS, eLearning, and Video-based Learning

Industry: Business Consulting and Services

Company size: 400+ employees

LinkedIn: Ozemio | LinkedIn

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