Switching to Micro-Learning with the Best LMS Platforms

Blog Insight: If you seek a robust Learning Management Software (LMS) capable of swiftly creating customized Micro-Learning content to fulfil your course development requirements, explore these top-rated LMS options tailored to your Micro-Learning content development needs.

What is meant by Micro-Learning?

Microlearning is meant to provide Digital Learning Content and it has strategies that can explain the topic in a short period by cutting them into small pieces of videos that will engage with the learner and help them get trained faster it can be watched anytime and from anywhere the users want.

Micro-Learning – Small Bites, Big Impact in Modern Education

Micro-Learning is a game-changer. It respects our shorter attention spans, delivering bite-sized content that’s easy to absorb. Think of it as learning in small, meaningful sips rather than overwhelming gulps. This approach not only keeps us engaged but also enhances how well we remember what we learn. It’s like having the right information at your fingertips when you need it most, contributing to your performance on the job. In a nutshell, Micro-Learning is the key to effective, flexible, and impactful learning experiences in our dynamic, modern lives.

Here are a few top-rated LMS for Creating Micro-Learning Content.


Date of Foundation: Mar 25, 2005         

CEO and Co-Funder: Claudio Erba

Docebo provides E-Learning as a Service and lets you deliver, Corporate Microlearning Content and has over 300,000 current users in the world and a team of professionals who are passionate about technology and training, on January 24, 2022, Docebo announced the acquisition of the company Skillslive which is an educational consulting agency.

Phone Number: 800.681.4601

Email ID: info@docebo.com

Website: https://www.docebo.com/

Headquarters: Ontario, Canada

Industry: Corporate Training, EdTech, Education, Enterprise Software, SaaS, Software, and Training.

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Absorb LMS

Year of Foundation: 2003                   

CEO and Co-Funder: Mike Owens

Absorblms has been a Trusted Learning Management System by Corporate Training Vendors, Microlearning Content Developers, governments, healthcare providers, and educators because of its great service to the 26 million users around the world Absorblms has been an awarding-winning company because of its work results with the international clients like SONY, and many more successful projects.

Phone Number: +1(403)717-1971

Email ID: sales@absorblms.com

Website: https://www.absorblms.com/

Headquarters: Alberta, Canada

Industry: E-Learning, Internet, Software, Training

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Talent Cards

Date of Foundation: Jan 1, 2017               

CEO and Co-Funder: Thanos Papangelis

Talent Cards helps Businesses to create Microlearning and Mobile-Learning Content, this LMS software was built by a Company named Epignosis which also owns Talent LMS, Talent Cards has been helping enterprises by letting them create engaging Microlearning Content that can Train the Team and has been getting used by thousands of Corporate Training Vendors Daily. 

Phone Number: (+1) 646 797 2799

Email ID:  info@epignosishq.com

Website: https://www.talentcards.com/

Headquarters: San Francisco, United States

Industry: Apps, E-Learning, Mobile

Free account: Create your free account

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

Date of Foundation: 1982

CEO and Co-Funder:  John Warnock

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS is one of the Biggest LMS software in the industry and it has been used by millions of users around the world because of its features that have been helping enterprises create Microlearning Content, Adobe is an Award-winning company and provides service in Tones of different Corporate companies.

Phone Number: 408-536-6000

Email ID: https://www.adobe.com/in/about-adobe/contact.html 

Website: https://www.adobe.com/in/products/captivateprime.html

Headquarters: San Jose, California

Features: Enterprise Software, Image Recognition, Photo Editing, and SaaS.

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Year of Foundation: 2011                      

CEO and Co-Funder: Sach Chaudhari

Paradiso is not just an LMS Software Company but it is also an eLearning Company that creates engaging Microlearning Content for clients, Paradiso provides a complete Corporate Training System that is created by AI and contains Learning Management Software and Training Management Software which ends with the complete development of a Custom eLearning Solution.

Phone Number: + 1 800 513 5902

Email ID: sales@paradisosolutions.com

Website: https://www.paradisosolutions.com/

Headquarters: Florida, USA

Industry: Corporate Training, E-Learning, EdTech, SaaS, Software, Training

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iSpring Solutions 

Year of Foundation: 2001                       

CEO and Co-Funder: Yury Uskov

iSpring LMS and its Authoring Tool are an amazing combination that allows users to generate engaging and effective Microlearning Content, iSpring LMS is getting used worldwide and has delivered engaging content that has trained thousands of Teams and helped them achieve their goals faster.

Phone Number: +1 800 640 0868

Email ID: sales@ispringsolutions.com

Website: https://www.ispringsolutions.com/solutions/microlearning-lms

Headquarters: Virginia, USA

Industry: E-Learning, EdTech, Education, Software

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Code of Talent

Year of Foundation:  2017          

CEO and Co-Funder: Adela Grigoriu and Vlad Grigoriu

Code of Talent is a Successful LMS Software that has completed 2500+ courses and has reached over 19 different countries worldwide and helped enterprises to create engaging Microlearning Content which has brought 89% success rate results to the Businesses of their clients in just the Five Years of the Company.

Phone Number: 40 745 121 200

Email ID: contact@codeoftalent.com

Website: https://codeoftalent.com/ 

Headquarters: Bucuresti, Romania

Industry: E-Learning, Education, Information Technology, Online Portals, Software, Training

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Meridian Knowledge Systems

Year of Foundation: 1997                    

CEO and Co-Funder: Jonna Ward

Meridian Knowledge Systems is been a top-class LMS software in the Industry it is used by the leaders of the industry and has delivered engaging Microlearning Content that has made him an Award-winning Learning Management Software (LMS) and it has been an LMS Vendor that directly connects with their customers/clients.

Phone Number: 703-322-9565

Email ID: info@meridianks.com

Website: https://meridianks.com/lms-solutions/meridian-lms/

HeadquartersVirginia, USA

Industry: Education, Information Technology, Software


Year of Foundation: 2018                

CEO and Co-Funder: Melanie Fellay and Zari Zahra

Spekit LMS Software is being used by many Corporate Training Companies to create Micro-Learning Content and the LMS software was successful in a short period because of its amazing digital learning strategies that have helped many companies to grow the skills of their onboarding team faster.

Phone Number: 4159640092

Email ID: info@spekit.com

Website: https://spekit.com/

Headquarters: Greater Denver Area, Western US

Features: Enterprise Software, Knowledge Management, SaaS, Training

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My Learning Hub

Year of Foundation: 2010                           

CEO and Co-Funder: Victor Potapov

My Learning Hub has been delivering highly-impactful Microlearning Content that has sped off the growth of its clients LMS has become a leading software in the Corporate Training Industry, and the LMS software has created more than 85,000 course pages in a year and the company provides an Authoring Tool as well.

Phone Number: 44 20 3637 5487

Email ID: support@mylearninghub.com

Website: https://mylearninghub.com/

Headquarters: Twickenham, United Kingdom

Industry: E-Learning, Online Portals, Training

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