Content Development Authoring Tools for eLearning (2022)

Blog Insight: Get to know which Authoring will help you Create an Interactive and effective eLearning Content, so we help you by sharing our knowledge about the top-rated eLearning  Authoring Tool in the industry.

What are eLearning Authoring Tools?

An eLearning Authoring Tool is a software tool that helps the authors (or) eLearning Content creators to make Customised eLearning Courses based on the Custom features of the tool which helps in creating interactive and engaging learning content which are effective in the Corporate Training Industry.

Here are a few top-rated eLearning Authoring Tools Globally.


Year of Foundation: 2009          

CEO and Co-Funder: Andrew Scivally and Shawn Ski Scivally

ELB Brothers previously also known as eLearning Brothers is one of the biggest companies in the E-Learning Industry by providing the allrounder services from developing Training Courses to creating them by using its Authoring Tool.

Lectora is a Leading authoring tool that provides the power to create an engaging course, and it is a most used Authoring Tool by the eLearning Content Creators because of its amazing custom feature that gives you full power and complete control and ELB Brothers also has a Virtual Reality Course Builder tool named as CenarioVR.

Phone Number: 801.796.2767

Email ID:


Address: American Fork, Utah, United States

Features: Section 508 & WCAG 2.0 requirements, Predictable focus, Lightbox pop-ups, Radio buttons, checkboxes for forms, Layering, and tabbing order.

iSpring Suite 10.3

Year of Foundation: 2001                                                

CEO and Co-Funder: Yury Uskov

iSpring Suite 10.3 is a pro Authoring Tool and a Tool that has been servicing the world’s biggest companies like Google, VISA, FedEx, and Amazon, and ISprng Suite is currently getting used by over 59,000 Clients around the globe and has the features that have dragged the Awards to the company and making the Trust between the clients that it can create things that can satisfy you.

Phone Number: +1 844 3477764

Email ID:


Address: Washington DC Metro Area, East Coast, Southern US 

Features: course templates, characters, backgrounds, graphic objects, icons, buttons, and controls.

Articulate Storyline 360

Year of Foundation: 2022            

 CEO and Co-Funder: Adam Schwartz

Articulate 360 is an Authoring Tool that standing on its name as 360 by providing a 360-degree tool service that has features from creating a course to developing it to your needs and wants, and it helps you create a product that can engage more and be getting used by International brands like eBay, Intel, and IBM and been helping over 115,000 Organisation located in 167 countries.

Phone Number: +1 (800) 861-4880

Email ID:


Address: 244 5th Avenue, New York

Features: Intuitive User Interface, Content Library 360 Integration, Slide Templates, Enhanced, Characters, Review 360 Integration, and Content Library 360 Media.


Year of Foundation:  1997                                     

CEO and Co-Funder: Luke Hickey

DominKnow is a Cloud-based Authoring Tool that is compressed and filled with the features that have been a one-step solution for creating eLearning Content that makes it getting used by Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Pfizer and dragging best result for them which lead to becoming an award-winning Authoring Tool in the Industry.

Phone Number: (613) 800-8733

Email ID:


Address: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Features: Overview, Authoring, Easy To Use, Collaboration & Review, Responsive & Mobile, Publishing, Accessibility, Translation & Localization, LCMS.


Year of Foundation: 23 Feb 2022                          

CEO and Co-Funder: Adrian Murillo

SHIFT 2 is an Authoring Tool and a part of the company SHIFT which is a Corporate Training Company, the Authoring tool SHIFT2 was recently launched in the year 2022 and has been a success because the company was having 25 years of experience in the E-Learning Industry.

Hence, the Authoring Tool contains the Features that are easy to use, even for beginners in the E-learning Industry. The tool has attracted many global firms like Walmart and Toyota, successfully created over 5000+ Courses, and has 1 million current users in 1000+ companies.

Phone Number: +1 (650) 206-2527

Email ID:


Address: San Jose, San Jose, Philippines

Features: Interactive templates, Built-in review system, Resource Library, Update content easily, Responsive Design.

Easy Generator

Year of Foundation: 2013

CEO and Co-Funder: Jan Kees de Jager       

Easy Generator is an Authoring Tool that has features that are helpful and very easier to use and create eLearning content, and the tool can be easily learned by any beginner, and help the startup learn and Create content faster, because of this plus-point the tool has become the first choice by the most Startup and individual.

Phone Number: +31 85 208 6637

Email ID:


Address: Westblaak 180, 3012 KN Rotterdam, Netherlands

Features:  pre-made templates,  PowerPoint import,  drag-and-drop modules, change brand elements.


Year of Foundation: 2014                                        

 CEO and Co-Funder: Steve Penfold

Elucidate is an Authoring Tool that has been a leader in the industry and getting used by 9000+ users has successfully completed over 260,000+ projects globally with the help of its flexible features that are creating top-quality eLearning Content and making a successful impact between the users and in the Industry.

Phone Number: +44 1561 270030

Email ID: 


Address: Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Features: Branching, learning with Styles, User Management, Learning Accelerator, localized content, any device, anywhere.


Date of Foundation: Jan 1, 1990                           

CEO and Co-Funder: Dr. Vikas Joshi

Raptivity is an Authoring Tool that is well-known for Designing and creating Interactive eLearning courses that are engaging and effective Learning in Corporate Training Industry, the Raptivity has tons of Interactive Templates that help companies have Engaging content, and Raptivity is been a top-rated Authoring Tool for developing effective results in the Corporate Training Industry.

Phone Number: +1-425-861-8400

Email ID:


Address: San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US

Features: Rapidly design, Strategically enhance, Effortlessly track, Rapid customization, Engaging microlearning experiences.

Adobe Captivate

Year of Foundation: 1982                        

CEO and Co-Funder:  Shantanu Narayen

Adobe Captivate is a web-based Authoring tool built by Adobe, the Adobe has been servicing the whole IT software companies with its Tools services that are a popular and most successful tool in the Industry and The Adobe Captivate is a world wild famous Authoring tool and mostly used by International Companies because it’s an Expensive tool comparing to other available tools in the market.

Phone Number: 408-536-6000

About us:


Address: San Jose, California

Features: Enterprise Software, Image Recognition, Photo Editing, and SaaS.

TechSmith Camtasia

Year of Foundation: 2022                             

CEO and Co-Funder: William Hamilton  

Camtasia has been a famous Authoring Tool between the companies because of its Custom features and also has a Free Trial for the newcomers in the industry, and its Custom features have attracted a few of the world’s biggest companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google, and the tool has been creating professional eLearning content for the 73+ million users in over 190+ countries around the world.

Phone Number: +1 (800)-517-3001



Features: 75+ new, modern transition effects, Motion Blur Effect, Corner Rounding Effect, Lottie (JSON) Support, and Customizable media clips.

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